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Live Video Performance (VJing)

In 2003 I met Brendan Ragan, Adrian Boeing, and Alan Nielson- they were mixing video live at an event with software they had developed themselves running on hardware OpenGL. Thus began my interest in VJing, or "Video Jockeying". Since then I've worked with them as the collective PixelJuice, Vjing on as many as 8 screens, with 3 PCs and an MX50 video mixer at various major events.

Since then I've performed with artists such as Aphex Twin, Noisia, The Streets, Digweed, The Crystal Method, Sven Vath, Sonic Animation, Pendulum, Kid Kenobi, Justice, Dave Clark and Adam Freeland to name only a few.

Here's a youtube video of one of the stages at Future Music 2008 (Perth). I'm only running 1 laptop and a dvd player but got decent results, I'm also next to the lighting op so we can coordinate breakdowns and colour pallettes. Look for the Hoff at 3:40 and the big breakdown at 7:40!

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