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NASA Space Apps hackathon - global winners - "Galactic Impact: The solution with the most poten

UPDATE2: Our team has won the global prize in the category of "Galactic Impact", quite a surprise and achievement as this has so far been the world's largest hackathon, with over 25,000 participants in almost 200 cities! Rock on Radaway! As a result we've been invited to attend a launch at Kennedy Space Center.

UPDATE: We've now placed as a finalist in the global category of "Global Galactic Impact- The solution with the most potential to improve life on Earth or in the universe.". We may well be heading to Florida to see a launch! Lets see what the judges say.

I had the pleasure this long weekend to attend the Singapore instance of the NASA 2017 Space Apps Hackathon. Our team's proposal to bring in-flight radiation exposure into a meaningful context took first place! We were surprised to learn that airline staff and frequent flyers haven't considered the effects of ionising radiation on their health. After some user research we found that even after personal reports from within the industry they didn't have a way of bringing those results into perspective.

You can read more about our solution here:

And check out Moses' excellent writeup on the UX process:

And we look forward to hearing if we have won the international prize! (because watching a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral would be fantastic!).

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